Keep It Safe Program

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Keep It Safe Program

Whether you own a home, or have a commercial business, Keep It Safe is designed to bring awareness to potential concerns before they become disastrous. Keep It Safe is a comprehensive quarterly inspection of your property, identifying potential concerns, cataloging personal belonging or business contents, maintaining a floor plan drawing and providing recommendations on maintenance or repairs.

Keep It Safe maintains a current PDF file of your property that is easy to email, while also maintained on our server in the event you experience a loss and need to recall what was damaged. Once a quarter during our visit you will be provided a copy of our quarterly newsletter with a focus to educate property owners.

Restoration 1 of Middle Tennessee through proactive inspections wants to help you stay ahead of potential dangers, give us a call to learn more.Our Keep It Clean Program for your home and commercial property.

Why "Keep It Safe"

Over the years, generally most of the time when responding to a property loss we found most folks could not remember the details of their property. With Keep It Safe, Restoration 1 of Middle Tennessee is building an electronic catalog of your property in addition to the inspection. This electronic catalog will be provided to you upon completion in the format of a PDF file, while also stored on our share drive. In the event you experience a loss, if the file is lost, just remember to call Restoration 1 of Middle Tennessee and we can quickly recover.

  • As they say, photos are worth a thousand words, during an insurance claim it is very difficult to dispute pre-existing materials and contents if you have a date and time stamped image or video.

  • Current floorplan will keep a layout of your property, many times folks will complete a renovation, however they fail to record the changes, during a loss material differences can account for significant cost.

How It Works

  • Call to learn more, and to schedule your first visit.

  • During the first three visits our goal is to construct a complete file.

  • By the fourth visit we are maintaining what has been collected to date.

  • During our first visit, we will sketch the basement or crawlspace and add photos.

  • During our second visit, we will sketch the first floor and add photos.

  • During our third visit, we will finish sketch and add photos and videos.

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