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Restoration 1 of Middle Tennessee – Employment Opportunities

With so much work available it can be difficult in choosing your next role if you are considering a change. When conversing with so many folks out in the community we have learned that while the rate of pay matters, what we found is that most folks were looking for the intangible benefits rather than pay.

We identified most folks want a feeling of accomplishment by learning skills that can help them with their personal lives, weather its learning skills that can save them money around the house, so they don’t have to pay a professional, learning a specific trade, or developing management skills and understanding how to operate a business from start-up through a well-oiled operating machine that delivers continued success. Finally, after investing time into learning and developing their skillset, having the advancement opportunities presented to them based on their personal results, rather than solely based on a piece of paper.

If your desire is any of the above, along with making a good living for you and your family consider Restoration 1 of Middle Tennessee. If you believe in hard work for a short term, to build upon your existing skills so that you may advance to a position of preference I believe it would be worth a conversation between you and I, hey I will even buy the coffee.

Here is my promise to you, first, no matter your experience level, even if you have no skills to begin work, we will train you at our entry level positions and design a path of advancement for you. To be considered by Restoration 1 of Middle Tennessee, all that we ask for is an individual that possess the passion to learn and to apply what they have learned to help our community through the services we offer. Probably the best ingredient we seek, is attitude, if you have a positive attitude about learning, about the folks you are around and understand there is always a solution to every problem, you are already well positioned for growth no matter where you land.

We offer, first, we are a family-based business, we are growing, at times things can seem chaotic, however we all understand we have one goal, and that is to serve everyone with our best, that can be our customers, the folks we work with or our vendors. Second, we want you to grow as an individual, we are always training, you might be participating in skills development one week, and the next week learning how to run a business. You see, unlike many small businesses I believe in teaching you to grow in hopes your training will help us grow as a company, that you will grow as an individual and ultimately advance into a leadership role or better yet you decide to open your own business. Whatever the case, no matter your choice I will be your biggest advocate for success. Finally, above average industry pay and benefits.

With a desire to succeed, first it is important to understand that there will be difficult challenges ahead, at times you may find it difficult to keep a positive attitude or maintain a passion to do well. Guess what, anyone with any amount of success in this world has faced adversity. So here is my take on adversity, if there are so many folks with great success throughout the world, and they found a way, then I can do the same and you can do the same with the right attitude. You see, with guidance, planning and understanding I believe anything is possible with faith and my trust in God.

You see, folks that are passionate about achieving their goals hold intangible skillsets, for example, on time to their responsibilities, disciplined to complete task due for the day, keeping all the people involved well informed, following a plan/process all seem second nature to these folks, because in the end goal minded folks know what they are seeking and care about the folks they have been privileged to be around.

I am not sure your current position, or your experience, however what I do know is if you have read this article this far, maybe its God’s way of telling you we should have a conversation. Maybe it’s time to reflect on what you want to accomplish in this wonderful life that we have been afforded by God himself. Take time to understand what is important to you, how you want to serve those around you will be the best filter you can use to determine if your next role will align with your desires. When you find that alignment, you will know with confidence where you should serve and grow.

If your only goal is to make the most money possible, unfortunately you will not be satisfied anywhere you land. Simply put, if money is your goal you will lack in a passion to serve those around you. Quite honestly, folks who focus on money alone do not stay long with any organization, they have an excuse for everything and often point fingers on why they have not been successful. Do I believe these folks are bad people? Quite the contrary, most of us begin our working careers with this mindset, until one day we wake up and realize there is more to life than money alone?

No matter your current environment, if you are seeking a more rewarding position, we have openings because of our unprecedented growth. If there is something below you would like to learn more about, reach out to us for further conversation.

Technician candidates should have an ability to lift 50 pounds, have a desire to learn, a passion to serve, everything else we will teach, this is an entry level position with great compensation package.

Supervisor candidates should possess the ability to be hands on with their team, lift 50 pounds, possess a positive attitude, always seeking out solutions for the challenges they face, desire to learn and grow. This position requires 3 years of experience and comes with a great compensation package.

Estimator candidates should possess a willingness to learn, possess 3 years of previous estimating experience, understand construction processes and practices, able to identify solutions for construction challenges, understands the importance of relationship management with vendors, subcontractors and sales teams and enjoys serving the community. This position requires attention to detail, solid experience and is accompanied by an excellent compensation package.

Sales candidates should possess a willingness to learn, possess a positive bubbly attitude, can easily overcome negativity, remain disciplined to their goals, and enjoys networking throughout the community. This position can be taught to those who meet the description above and is accompanied by a great compensation package.

All candidate seeking a position with Restoration 1 of Middle Tennessee will need to possess a valid driver’s license and pass pre-employment requirements.

How to Apply, if you are ready to have a conversation regarding your desire to serve in a rewarding position with Restoration 1 of Middle Tennessee, please send us a letter describing the following in lieu of a resume.

  • Tell us about you, your full name, where you currently live and how we can contact you, phone number and email address. As you tell us about you, share with us what you enjoy the most during your off time, and why is this so important to you. What activities do you enjoy the most and why?
  • Describe your current professional experience, telling us what you liked the most and what you considered less desirable in the roles you have possessed, whether they were professional or volunteer roles.
  • Moving forward, what are your professional and personal goals? Where do you see yourself in 5-years from today and describe how you see yourself reaching these goals?
  • Finally, how do you see yourself serving Restoration 1 of Middle Tennessee, what do you believe is your strongest skills, what experiences in your life do you believe would help us grow, any why?

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